Ein supports any number of cameras attached to an arm. Each camera has associated calibration parameters, a stream buffer, and can be used to create synthetic photographs. You can see kinect2.back for example commands that add the Kinect 2 as an additional camera. By default, the Baxter wrist camera is configured for each arm, but if you mount other cameras on the arm, they can also be used to observe the scene.

The word cameraCreate adds a camera, specifying its ROS image topic, the name for the camera, and its TF link.

There is a focused camera which represents the current active camerea. The variable cameraName has the name of the current focused camera. You can run incrementCamera to change the camera and it will change what is viewed in the wrist view, the stream buffer, etc.

For the Kinect 2, each image stream is treated as a separate camera in Ein: the RGB camera, the IR camera, and the depth return. In the cameras class, cam_img contains the raw image as received from a ROS topic (grayscale if that is what you got from the camera.) cam_bgr_img contains the image converted to bgr (even if it started out grayscale), and cam_ycrcb_img contains the image as ycrcb.